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Today’s Diesel engines are complex. Fuel injections are operated on high pressure engine oil, so clean filtered engine oil is critical to the life expectancy of a diesel engine.

This requires routine service on a regular basis. Water separators need to be purged due to the impurities in the fuel-water mixture that runs the diesel engine. Because a diesel engine is a more powerful engine than a gasoline engine, it requires more oil to operate. Oil levels must to be checked more frequently in a diesel engine.

Diesel engines differ from gas powered engines. Diesel fuel is made up of a fuel water mixture. A diesel engine runs on an air fuel mixture that is timed to ignite inside each engine cylinder creating power and torque. Diesel engines use highly compressed hot air to ignite fuel rather than using a spark plug.

We’ll make sure your diesel truck, car, or fleet vehicle is working properly. We use only quality new Diesel repair parts. All components used are of the highest quality to provide a long service life of your diesel.