Feo's Motorsports center offers a wide range of repair, maintenance and parts replacement services. Please see our list of services below.

Oil Changes
Regular oil changes are essential for the well being of your engine. Old oil contains particle which will damage your engine. Come to Feo's Motorsports for our complete oil change service.

Air Conditioning Service
Are you feeling the heat? If your air conditioning unit is under-performing, or you just want to maintain it come and see us. Our air-conditioning specialist will have you cruising in comfort in no time at all!

If your battery is not cranking your engine over at peak performance, don't wait until you are stuck somewhere at the worst possible time to address the issue. If you need a new auto battery we can supply you with the best.

Tune Ups
A properly tuned engine is a happy engine. You will save money simply by keeping your engine tuned. A tuned engine burns gasoline most efficiently. Let us tune your engine to perfection.

Computer Diagnostics
Let us do the ultimate diagnostic on your car. Our computerized diagnostic system will detect any problems so that you can address them immediately.

"Check Engine" light analysis - FREE!

Nothing is more critical to your safety than properly functioning breaks. If your pedal feels soft, if you experience any unusual conditions when breaking bring your car in for our safety check. Your safety is our concern.

Maintenance Flushes
Many auto repair shops are recommending a flush service as part of routine vehicle maintenance. What are the benefits of an engine, radiator and transmission flush? Changing a car’s engine oil and filter usually leaves some residual dirty oil, as well as deposits in the internal engine components and passages. Most engine oil flush machines run a heated pressurized solution throughout the motor. The solution is then sucked backed out of the engine. The motor is then filled with new oil and a new filter is installed. Other fluid systems have similar problems and a flush can go a long way in preventing future serious problems!

Wheel Alignment
Are your tires showing uneven wear? Do you have any unusual driving symptoms? Wheel alignment is critical to your safety as well as a wise economical decision. Mattingly's can set you straight in no time at all.

Sometimes it's more practical and economical to replace an engine than to try to repair it. We can replace your engine in a timely and economical fashion.

Shock & Struts
You safety depends upon properly functioning shock absorber and struts. If your ride is showing signs of poor shocks or struts please address this as soon as possible. Many accidents can be prevented simply by having your shocks or struts serviced.

Whether you are replacing your tires with us, or simply want to balance them, we can do the job. Improperly balanced tires will wear out in no time at all. Have us check your tires for proper balance.

Fuel Injection Service
Our fuel injection service cleans or replaces your injectors for peak engine performance and optimal fuel economy.